About the Mission

There are many social reformers,educationists, leaders etc. who sacrificed their life and worked selflessly for their country. In modern times, children remember only the national icons on the days when their 'Jayanti' is celebrated. It is necessary to keep them alive in our heart and enlighten the path of peace, happiness, love and prosperity of our country. The movement of "Main Hoon Bharat" has been started by a group of people who want that each and every Indian should contribute his/her best for the growth of the nation to bring changes in the lives of masses through their act of kindness which must be acknowledged and appreciated as the pride of our country.

  •   Do we feel proud of our country when we talk about our rich culture to others?
  •   Are we aware of our fundamental rights and duties towards our country?
  •   Do we realize that there are unsung heroes who are working selflessly for the growth of our country   without any reward for themselves? They have made our country among one of the advanced  countries in the world